How to switch to Mobilink Jazz

switch_to_jazz_mobilinkMobilink Jazz has become biggest network in Pakistan having customers more than 50 million after acquiring Warid LTE. Now Jazz is attracting more customers with their new exciting prepaid and postpaid packages. And you may be thinking about to join Mobilink Jazz family right now. So the question is that how to switch to jazz?how-to-switch-to-jazz

There are two answers to the question “How to switch to Jazz?”

  • First and very easy way to switch to Jazz is to buy a new Jazz SIM free with many free resources.
  • Second way is to port your existing number to Pakistan’s biggest cellular network Jazz and enjoy all the features of this gold like network.

Above discussion concludes that joining Jazz Network is beneficial today and will be fruitful in future. If you have any question, don’t be shy, ask us in comments and we will try our best to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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