How to update the software of android mobile phone (DIY)

Android Software Update

Software update is very important matter for mobile phones these days even it is official or personal phone. Here a question arises that why to update the software of mobile phone we have purchase a brand new model. The short answer is that as new versions of different apps come across google play store, android device may have to face compatibility issues in result. Then it is crucial to update the software version of android phone, so that it may work properly. There are two ways to update the software version of your android phone. One is to go to mobile market and ask the technician to update your device to the latest version of android and other is to update it yourself. Here we discuss the “do it yourself” method to update the android software.

Unlock your phone screen and open launcher and find the Gear icon in apps for settings. Here a window opens containing all the settings namely; Connections, Device, Personal and System. Go for System setting and scroll to the bottom and you will find icon “About Device”.

On the top of this page you will see a text “Software updates”. Here are options for update of software and you will find that when did this device checked for updates. You may tap Update now to check the updates available for your devices to download. If updates are available to download then it will take some time to download the update and then you have to prompt the device to install the updates. It is recommended that you should back up your device before installing updates.

It may take few minutes and during installation of updates, device may restart a couple of time while screen will show you the progress. Keep patience, after some time your mobile will started properly (if everything goes right). Hurray! Your mobile has been updated to the latest version of software.

Check auto update and Wi-Fi only, it will check for updates automatically and will download updates only when device is connected to a Wi-Fi network respectively.

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